Lunch is Served. Lunch is Smoked. Our Newest Combo. Honest Food. Prepared Daily.

Smoked in house over real pecan chips.

Why do our chefs take the time to smoke chicken breasts? Because it transforms them to create deeper flavors and more tender tastes. We’re utilizing these techniques to craft the hand-pulled, juicy chicken breasts for our delicious new Smoked Chicken Quesadilla.

  • Grilled & Crispy Flour Tortillas

    Flour tortillas are the key to every real quesadilla. Ours are soft enough to hold the ingredients inside during preparation, and they get perfectly crispy and crunchy when grilled.

  • Melted Monterey Jack Cheese

    Monterey Jack is an authentic quesadilla cheese. It’s creamy, it’s mild, and it melts easily, so it melds perfectly with the smoky chicken, sweet peppers and onions.

  • Sweet Peppers & Onions

    The sweetness and crunchiness of the peppers and onions balances out the rich smokiness of the chicken and creaminess of the cheese.

  • Chicken with Jalapeno Aioli - Perfectly Smoked and Hand-Pulled

    The chicken is smoked in-house with pecan wood to lend a sweet, buttery flavor that is a perfect match for the rest of the quesadilla.

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